Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to Hack Others PC (This is the trick to lo-gin into others system from your system)

This is the trick to lo-gin into others system from your system
Download the latest version of prorat HERE
and hack others system.

Procedure to use Prorat:

1. After downloading the Prorat 

2. You better read the Help file.

3. At bottom You’ll find an option to create server, just create it.

4. Enter your Mailing address if you want to bind it with some files.

5. Then send it to victim,remember that it is detectable you cant mail it

6. Upload your server to some site and send your link to the victim 

    or send it through yahoo messenger.

7. As soon as the victim will run it, You’ll be having his IP


8. Just enter IP and Password in 
   Prorat and start using his PC

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