Monday, May 21, 2012

How to reveal a Facebook password

Today i will be showing you how to reveal your friends facebook password, But before we continue let me tell you its not really hacking its just code manipulation.

  • Many times we have seen our friends leaving there system without closing web browser this leads to temp auto filling of data inside the data fields  even if you haven’t saved any of it. To be clear have a glance on below image.

  • Now the data inside the username and password field is temporarily save, data will disappear as soon as web browser is closed.
  • Now this is where our data modification part starts.
  • Now a day every browser is integrated with Inspect Element component.
  • Right Click in password box and select Inspect Element from menu as shown below.
  • Now the tricky work begins.
  • There will be many options shown at the bottom of the page select HTML, and your browser should look similar to below image.

  • After you have selected HTML version/option you will be able to see page code looking similar to HTML tags, similar to below image.

  • Now Double Click on “Password” and you will be able to edit it.
  • Change “Password” to “text“, and your browser will look similar to below one.

  •  Done
  • Check your password box
  • Vola we did it !

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