Wednesday, August 22, 2012


  • Download the PHP notify script and extract files. 
  • Now you will get two files IP.html and index.php .
  • You need to upload these two files to any free web hosting server. 
  • Go on "Sign up" at the right do not choose domain choose "Sub Domain" and give name what ever you want fill all boxes with correct information.
  • then go on members area  and log in to your account then go to Cpanel and then scroll down and go to file manager   and upload extracted file in "Public html".
  • Now you will need to send the link of index.php to the victim whose IP you want to get.
  • The link will be your sub domain
  • You can not send this link on facebook you will need to shorten your subdomain you can shorten your sub domain on and then send that shorten URL to your victim whose ip you want to get.
  • when Victim will click on your shorten URL you will get victims IP in Ip.html.

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