Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to Hack Facebook Account Password Using Tabnabbing (New Phishing Method)

Hello Friends today i am going to explain you How To Hack Facebook Account Password using Tabnabbing method. Tabnabbing is a modern type of phishing method used to hack websites passwords. As we all know normal Phishing attack is easily detectable on many site such as Facebook,Gmail, yahoo etc.

Like Facebook has implemented an extra code that validates the previous arriving URL and some basic functions. If it founds that page from which you arrived is a Facebook Phish or fake page, it displays a warning message to user that You have been arrived from fraudulent or fake page. So please change you Facebook account password immediately. So Victim easily came to know that was made fool by someone and he changes his account password again.

For more information about Tabnabbing and how to How to protect yourself from Tabnabbing refer the Last post.

How to Hack Facebook Account Password Using Tabnabbing:

1. Free Download Facebook Phisher package to hack Facebook Password.

    Password:  hackerslife
 Extract the folder " TabnabbingbyHackersLife "
It will contain four files :
a. Facebook.html (Fake Facebook login page)
b. login.php (Script which captures the login details of the victim
b. google.html (Standard google page used to trick the user)
c. tabnabb (Java script which is required for tabnabbing)

3. Now, to any anonymous webhost (any u like), upload this files Facebook.html ,Login.php and Google.html. You can use, or for this as they are free.

4. Now open tabnabb.js using a notepad , Search for "Enter your URL here" , Now replace it with your "Facebook.html" url which you uploaded in the previous step, finally save it and upload tabnabb.js to your hosting account.

5. After successfull upload, Check whether the hack is working, click on the google.html link and open it , Now open few new tabs , After some time you will see google page switched to your fake Facebook page.

6. To make url ( short read this Previous article "How To Hide a Url | Change Url | Mask Url".

7. Now read this Article about How To Send Anonymous Email

8. Now, send google.html page to victim inbox of which u want to hack Facebook account password.

9. When, he will login with this facebook phisher to his facebook account, a new file "log.txt" will be created which will contain facebook hacked password in plain text form and he will be redirected to page to avoid suspecion.

Thats it now you can hack Facebook account passwords using this Facebook hacking new technique Tabnabbing. If you have any problem in using this Facebook Phisher to hack Facebook account password, mention it in comments..
Happy Hacking.. :)

How to hide a url | Chnage URL | Mask url Easily

"How to hide a url | Chnage URL | Mask url" .While sending mail, you have to include in mail, the link to your phisher page. So, instead of sending mail with actual url which can create a sense of doubt in victim's mind, we can hide the url. is an online service which enables you to
hide/mask the url.


Hide/Mask a url:

Consider you have hosted your phisher page and your phisher link is something like:

So, whenever victim checks out this link, he will find the link suspicious. This can be detrimental for our hack. So, the best way is to make this link less suspicious i.e. to hide/mask the url.

1. So, go to Here to hide a url. You can Also Use

2. Enter your phisher link in the textbox and hit on Next.

3. Enter the link you want to rename your phisher link to domain name.

4. Now, you can send this masked phisher link to your victim. The victim will now find our phisher link less suspicious as we have hidden the actual phisher link using .tk domain.

So friends, I hope you are now able to hide a url using this url masker service.If you have any problem in this tutorial just comment here.

Happy hacking.. :)

How To Send Anonymous E-Mails - Fake Mailer

As we all know, Phishing is one of the most useful and simple methods for hacking email accounts. While phishing anyone's email account, you need to send the victim an email containing the link to your phisher page. The victim will click on this link only if he finds the mail genuine. So, we can use Fake mailer
to make this mail appear genuine.

How to send anonymous email:

In the below post, I have posted a Fake Mailer which is useful to send anonymous email to your victim.

Fake Mailer to send anonymous Email:

1. Go to Fake Mailer website to send anonymous email.

2. Now, enter the information as shown:

From Name: The Sender name which will appear on Email
From Email: The sender Email address
To: Victim email address
Subject: Subject of the Email
Content-type: Select text/html
Text: The content of your mail. Put something which will make your victim to click on your phisher link.

3. Now, enter captcha and hit on Send.

4. Your victim will receive mail like this:

So friends, I guess this Fake Mailer is pretty easy to use and also very handy to send anonymous email to your friend or victim.
Happy Hacking.. :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How To Bypass Windows 8 Password Screen

If you’re not worried about unauthorized access in your windows 8 system and don’t want to enter a Microsoft account password every time you boot your windows 8, you can bypass the windows 8 password screen.
1. Hold down the Windows key and then tap X (Win -x ) and click on Command Prompt (Admin)

2. In command prompt window type
control userpasswords2
then press ENTER

3. After that will appear User Accounts dialog where you need to uncheck the box marked Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.

4. Click on Apply , then confirm the automatic sign-in option by entering your password twice.

5. Reboot your PC

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Balance Transfer Trick For All Mobile Networks

Here Are Working Balance Transfer Tricks For All Mobile Networks.

Airtel Balance Transfer : 

To Transfer Balance In Airtel Just Dial *141# And Follow The Onscreen Instructions.

You Can Transfer From 5 To 30 Rupees Of Balance In Airtel.


Tata Docomo Balance Transfer  :

To Transfer Balance In Tata Docomo SMS as BT MobileNumber Amount And Send It To 54321.

E.g. BT 9876543210 30 To Transfer 30 Rupees Of Balance.

Idea Balance Transfer :

To Transfer Balance In !dea Network Send SMS as GIVE MobileNumber Amount And Send It To 55567.

E.g. GIVE 9876543210 30 To Transfer 30 Rupees.

Vodafone Balance Transfer  :

To Transfer Balance In Vodafone Dial *131*Amount*Mobile No#

E.g. *131*50*9876543210# To Transfer 50 Rupees Of Balance.

Uninor Balance Transfer :

To Transfer Balance In Uninor Just Dial *202*MobileNumber*Amount#

E.g. *202*9876543210*30# To Transfer 30 Rupees.

Aircel Balance Transfer :

To Transfer Balance In Aircel Just Dial *122*666# And Follow The Instructions.

You Can Transfer 10,20 Or 100 Rupees Of Balance.

BSNL Balance Transfer  :

To Transfer Balance In BSNL Just Send SMS GIFT MobileNumber Amount To 53733.

E.g. GIFT 9876543210 50 To Transfer 50 Rupees Of Balance.

That’s All. If You Need Any Help Or Have Any Suggestion Just Comment Below.