Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bypass Age Restriction On Youtube Videos Without Login

Have you ever wanted to watch a video on YouTube, but couldn't because it was age restricted and you didn't have an account? This Post will teach you how to bypass age restrictions on YouTube.

Bypassing “Age-Restricted” Content Warning Message on YouTube NSFW Videos

Method 1 : The first method for watching adult YouTube videos without signing in/up.
1)  On the video you want to view, get the video code from the URL.

O07u7KdRVo0 would be the video code in this case.

2) Now add the video code to the following link: CODE HERE?fs=1&amp

3) Now, go to that link and you will be able to view it without logging in or being over 18 xd.

Method 2 : Going out of YouTube
In this Method You being redirected to a different site, you can instead add "nsfw" in front of YouTube in the URL.
This takes you to a site dedicated, as the name suggests, to letting you watch YouTube's NSFW side to your heart's content