Friday, December 4, 2015

How To Hack App Lock In Any Android Phone

App Lock is one of the most useful application on Android. Since it came into App Store, it became must and should application in any smartphone. With App lock you can lock any kind of Apps and Gallery. You might have seen in your friends android smartphone locking some apps and games, which makes others to prevent opening locked apps without password. Then you cannot open such locked apps normally. But you can Bypass or Hack App Lock in android with this simple tricks.
In this post, I am going to explain two methods to Bypass or Hack App Lock in any Android Phone. These are very easy tricks and no root access required.
  • First method is uninstalling the app lock and use the locked app.
  • Second method is by bypassing app lock by disabling it.

How to Hack App Lock in any Android Phone ( 2 methods revealed) ?

Method 1:
First method to hack app lock in android is by uninstalling the app. Follow these steps to bypass app lock.
  • First, select target phone having app lock for a program.
  • Navigate to App manager and uninstall the app lock.
  • Then open the app lock.
  • That’s it. you have bypassed the app lock.
Drawbacks :
This trick fails, when app lock is active for “Install / uninstall ” feature. If that is the case, proceed to method 2. Admin of the phone might know, if you uninstall the app. This is not preferable method.
Method 2:
This is the most easy and preferable method to bypass or hack app lock in any android phone without uninstalling the App Lock. Yes, there is no need to uninstall the app lock like as in above method. You can just stop it.

Here is the tutorial to hack app lock in any android without uninstalling the app. Follow these steps to bypass app lock.

  • First select the target phone having app lock.
  • Open “Settings” from  the app drawer.
  • Tap on “Apps” or “Applications”.
  • Navigate to “Downloaded apps”.
  • Search for “App Lock” Application.

hack app lock

  • Tap on it.
  • he App Lock application.
  • You will see “Force Stop” application. Tap on that.
hack app lock
  • Now you have stopped App Lock application.
  • Now you can play any locked application without uninstalling app, Also without knowing to the phone admin.

How to lock the app again after usage ?

To lock the app again after usage, just open”App Locker” from the app drawer. No need to enter password. Just open and close the “App Lock Application”.
Drawbacks :
One and only drawback with this method is you cannot hack App Lock application if the admin has locked “Settings”. Excluding this drawback, this trick works perfectly.
Conclusion : I hope the above two methods are helpful to you to bypass or hack app lock in any android phone with and without uninstalling the App Lock Application.

Hack Windows 7 Administrator Password without Software

Hack Windows 7 Administrator LogOn Password Without Software

1. Turn On your computer
2. When windows Logo Appears suddenly Long Press your Power Off Button

3. and Turn On your computer Windows Error Recovery select startup repair Recommended

4. Startup Repair Searching for problems and then Shows Restore. Click on Cancel Button

5. Attempting Repair Take upto 10 Minutes.

6. After 10 min startup repairs shows cannot repair this computer Automatically. Click on view problems and Scroll down. then, click on Offline Privacy statement.

7. Notepad is opening. File -> Open -> Computer -> C:/windows/system32

8. Select Files of type "All files" and click inside box. Type cmd and Right click on cmd copy. again right click paste.

9. Type sethc and Rename as sethc1

10.Now refresh (F5) and type cmd. rename the copy of cmd as sethc

11.Close all windows and restart your computer.

12.After Log On appears. Press SHIFT key 5 times. 

13.Cmd Prompt windows open and then type net user

14.Administrator of computer will appear and type net user admin name *

       E.g., net user  bob *

15.Type a password for the user:

     Retype the password to confirm: 
     leave it blank.

16.Close cmd window and then dont type anything on password box. Just enter button.

You are successfully hacked your Windows LogOn password.

Monday, November 23, 2015

How to hack any android lock screen

We sometimes forgot our passwords every once in a while.Or maybe for some reason, a friend handed you a phone to see if you could bypass or hack their lockscreen without reseting it.
That is why I am creating this very quick & short tutorial.
In this tutorial I will show you how to hack your pattern lock screen, on ANY Android device.

For this tutorial you are going to need a few things.
- An Android Device
- USB Cord that connects your device, to the PC
- USB Debugging MUST be enabled
Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging
To enable Developer Options go to, Settings > About, then tap on the Build Number 7 times in a row till you see a little box popup saying you have enabled Developer Options.
- Have ADB & AndroidSDK installed and setup on your computer

Getting Setup & Making Sure Everything is Smooth!

First off, you are going to need to plug in your device to the computer.
After that, go to the start menu and search for " cmd ", also known as Command Prompt, and run it as an administrator just to avoid any problems. You should see this:

Now just to be sure you setup ADB correctly type in:
adb devices
If done correctly, you should see your device popup, like so:

C00l, you are now able to go on into the actual TuT!
Now, for actually bypassing the lockscreen.Keep CMD open & your device plugged in and type this:
adb root
That is going to restart the adb, with root privileges, so give that about 30 seconds, to reconnect. Should look like this.

Next command to type in will be:
adb shell
You should now see this:

Next type this:
rm /data/system/gesture.key
Or if you are trying to bypass a word lockscreen:
rm /data/system/password.key
I will be using this on a pattern unlock so it will look like this:

Now, press the power button draw ANY pattern, and the phone will unlock.
It will stay with an Any-Pattern-To-Unlock lock screen, untill you manually change it in Settings > Security.
As for a Word password, I did not try, but you should be able to type in ANY word's and it will unlock.

Enjoy Guys.