Monday, November 23, 2015

How to hack any android lock screen

We sometimes forgot our passwords every once in a while.Or maybe for some reason, a friend handed you a phone to see if you could bypass or hack their lockscreen without reseting it.
That is why I am creating this very quick & short tutorial.
In this tutorial I will show you how to hack your pattern lock screen, on ANY Android device.

For this tutorial you are going to need a few things.
- An Android Device
- USB Cord that connects your device, to the PC
- USB Debugging MUST be enabled
Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging
To enable Developer Options go to, Settings > About, then tap on the Build Number 7 times in a row till you see a little box popup saying you have enabled Developer Options.
- Have ADB & AndroidSDK installed and setup on your computer

Getting Setup & Making Sure Everything is Smooth!

First off, you are going to need to plug in your device to the computer.
After that, go to the start menu and search for " cmd ", also known as Command Prompt, and run it as an administrator just to avoid any problems. You should see this:

Now just to be sure you setup ADB correctly type in:
adb devices
If done correctly, you should see your device popup, like so:

C00l, you are now able to go on into the actual TuT!
Now, for actually bypassing the lockscreen.Keep CMD open & your device plugged in and type this:
adb root
That is going to restart the adb, with root privileges, so give that about 30 seconds, to reconnect. Should look like this.

Next command to type in will be:
adb shell
You should now see this:

Next type this:
rm /data/system/gesture.key
Or if you are trying to bypass a word lockscreen:
rm /data/system/password.key
I will be using this on a pattern unlock so it will look like this:

Now, press the power button draw ANY pattern, and the phone will unlock.
It will stay with an Any-Pattern-To-Unlock lock screen, untill you manually change it in Settings > Security.
As for a Word password, I did not try, but you should be able to type in ANY word's and it will unlock.

Enjoy Guys.