Friday, December 4, 2015

Hack Windows 7 Administrator Password without Software

Hack Windows 7 Administrator LogOn Password Without Software

1. Turn On your computer
2. When windows Logo Appears suddenly Long Press your Power Off Button

3. and Turn On your computer Windows Error Recovery select startup repair Recommended

4. Startup Repair Searching for problems and then Shows Restore. Click on Cancel Button

5. Attempting Repair Take upto 10 Minutes.

6. After 10 min startup repairs shows cannot repair this computer Automatically. Click on view problems and Scroll down. then, click on Offline Privacy statement.

7. Notepad is opening. File -> Open -> Computer -> C:/windows/system32

8. Select Files of type "All files" and click inside box. Type cmd and Right click on cmd copy. again right click paste.

9. Type sethc and Rename as sethc1

10.Now refresh (F5) and type cmd. rename the copy of cmd as sethc

11.Close all windows and restart your computer.

12.After Log On appears. Press SHIFT key 5 times. 

13.Cmd Prompt windows open and then type net user

14.Administrator of computer will appear and type net user admin name *

       E.g., net user  bob *

15.Type a password for the user:

     Retype the password to confirm: 
     leave it blank.

16.Close cmd window and then dont type anything on password box. Just enter button.

You are successfully hacked your Windows LogOn password.

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